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Sorry, kids, we won’t be paying for college. Good luck with that!

The days of parents paying for college in full are largely over for most of us, and I’m not so sure that is a bad thing.   A little skin in the game never hurt anyone. My parents paid for Vassar College in full for

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Body image issues…still?

 Body image.  It’s been a lifelong struggle for me. And, yes, I know I look good!  Thank you for saying so, but my body image issues have weathered a rather large range of actual sizes, so your words help, but apparently don’t

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Good-bye to our littlest friend: A new wish for your mom and dad

  I have a friend, she is kind and smart and has an electric, energy-filled, passionate laugh with voltage that lights up the room and every single person in it. She has the kind of courage we can only hope

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A shout out to step-moms and the moms who owe them…

 Dear Step-moms the world over, Oh, how I respect you. Because I know it’s not easy. I know step-motherhood is a blessing that some days leaves your jaw dropped, your arms full and your heart heavy with a rare recipe

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Fathers, this one’s for you. (So pass it on, moms)…

As a Vassar grad and lifelong feminist, I was selective in my purchasing of gender neutral books and toys. I never met a Raffi song I didn’t like, and I played Free to Be You and Me to my kids

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