The Art of Courageous Leadership: Step Into Your Courage and Put It To Work!


Anyone can be a leader who innovates and collaborates in good times, who has moments of inspiring others- whose greatness depends on being at the right place at the right time.

You want more. I know you do. I do too.

Courageous leaders are called to a higher level of competence and commitment to serve others.  It calls us to do less, and BE more. It calls us to have the guts to do the hard work, make the tough decisions, and to muster the energy to inspire and encourage, even when we are depleted.

We need not be perfect, but fully present with people- when we’re needed and when we’re not- as leaders, as team members and as human beings, in good and in challenging times.

Courage is a choice, it is a way of being that propels us forward even when we are fearful, even when we feel small or anxious about failing.  Courage is there for us when we can’t see or feel it (at all), when we think we need it, and when we don’t.

The ability to take that first vital step into Courage is what separates the good enough, from the great leaders, the leaders who check the box and go through the motions from the leaders who are guided by a passion for their cause, their organization, their people.  They are engaged, present and willing to take the necessary risks to strive for greatness.

Courageous leaders are unstoppable.

3 things you can do today to step into and sustain your courage:

1. Explore how you will BE inspiring, BE innovative and encourage it in others, and how you will CHOOSE to BE a COURAGEOUS and engaging leader who people trust, and want to join.

2. Plan for those times when you have Courage to spare, and those times you have none at all- how to find it, access it and put your Courage to work!

3. Identify and call on a Courage Support System of people who have your back, will always rise to cheer you on, and on whom you can depend for a good pep talk.  Let them know you will need their en-COURAGEMENT- and don’t be afraid to call on them!

As you inspire, innovate and collaborate with others in every part of your life, how will you Put Your Courage to Work?

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