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The Universe Shoves Me Back In Line With An(other) Epic Mistake- And It Was Worth It!

My lifetime friend and colleague, Fred Miller, says: “It’s not the mistake you make, it’s what you do with it.” I live by that, and feel similarly about mistakes as I do about conflict– mistakes are going to happen. They’re

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Courage Is In The Baby Steps

A friend of mine just announced her pregnancy at 43 with her new husband.  A blended family, this will be the ninth child of her new tribe. She is thrilled, and wondering why people are saying such dumb things to

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The Art of Courageous Leadership: Step Into Your Courage and Put It To Work!

Anyone can be a leader who innovates and collaborates in good times, who has moments of inspiring others- whose greatness depends on being at the right place at the right time. You want more. I know you do. I do

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Entrepreneur: You’re Worrying About Money? Stop It! STOP IT RIGHT NOW!

If you’re (an entrepreneur and) worried about money right now (as in, this minute), just stop it! Stop it RIGHT NOW! You may not have all the financial assets you want or need yet, I understand that. What you do

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I’m not Sorry, and Neither are You: Six Things Women May Actually Mean When We Say “I’m Sorry”

Women apologize a lot more often than men, and for ‘lesser’ grievances.  We know that, we’ve experienced it.  We joke about it. Some of us are addicted to the apology.  We toss out “I’m sorries” like smarties from a Flag

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