My New BFF at Work: The Albany-Colonie Regional Chamber of Commerce

While sitting at my desk this morning, I laughed so hard at one of my own jokes that I spilled coffee on my laptop. 

 Being this funny is bound to start costing me.

 When the Gallup organization started talking about the importance of having a friend at work to organizational engagement and success, I thought it was baloney.  Even as a big fan of the importance of the ‘soft stuff’ for organizational success, that one felt a little too hokey, even for me.

 But, then, after 25 years as President and owner of a multi-national consulting firm, I went out on my own as a sole practitioner doing executive and team development work, as Corey Jamison Consulting, LLC- Putting Courage to Work.

 The days I am not working with clients, I am often (blissfully) alone.  I love that time, and have craved if for the many years I have been a working mother.  But, there are moments that are lonely, and times when the presence of a colleague for commiseration, another vantage point or some good old fashioned inspiration would be welcome.

 That’s why I am joining the Albany-Colonie Regional Chamber of Commerce.  Beyond great tools for growth, business development, marketing strategies and a built-in community of potential customers, the chamber offers a sense of belonging to a community.  Chamber members are people like you and me, working hard, and working together to advocate for and strengthen the economic value of our region, an endeavor that benefits us all.

 From the first moment I walked in the doors of the Albany-Colonie Regional Chamber of Commerce, I felt that sense of community, and with it, the potential for the growth of my business.  When I left that same day, I felt INSPIRED and excited about the tremendous possibilities ahead for my business.  I had new ideas, different ways of thinking about the challenges and opportunities ahead of me, and more information that has been an essential part of seeing my business grow rapidly in a short amount of time.

 While I may be my own best friend at work these days, I know my Chamber membership investment will net immeasurable return to my business, and to my sense of being part of something bigger in service of the region in which we work, live and prosper.


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One comment on “My New BFF at Work: The Albany-Colonie Regional Chamber of Commerce
  1. Audrey Seidman says:

    I once had an executive — who is good at the soft stuff — scoff at that Gallup question. I think it is one of the key indicators of engagement, having someone at the workplace with whom you can be totally you, real. One of my work BFFs retired, and it ain’t been the same since!

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