Things Aren’t Going As I Planned: Cry Me a 24-Hour River


Things aren’t going as I planned this week. I wasn’t at my best with a client, I gave a speech that was good, but not fabulous, and a potential client I’ve been excited about fell through.  Waa.

 I have a friend and colleague who reminds me, and then I remind him that all mistakes are opportunities for learning, not just in the trite way we say, then don’t mean it.  He means, as do I, in the fundamental way of moving through life with a forward looking, hell-bent on growth and living like wildfire kind of ‘mean it.’

 Another friend and colleague, Charles, tells me I am the most courageous and audacious person he knows.  I think, “great! Because I want to be that person!”

 Most days, I feel well on my way to becoming, or already, that person. 

 But, not this week.

 “I’m feeling a crisis in confidence,” I told my friend. “I’m feeling low, and really struggling to stay positive,” I told my husband. “I feel like I can’t get back in my own skin,” I said to a colleague.

 “WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT??!!  YOU????! “ they said.

 I wanted some sympathy.  Some chocolate. A Big glass of wine. With some chocolate. And some foot-rubbing and ‘ain’t it awful.’  

 Then my husband forgot to tell me good morning (yes, I know), and the first question he asked me was, “I don’t want to spend all that money on a dog fence.” And, I came unglued. 

 So, I got a good cry in, then asked myself, “okay, self, do you want to roll around in this pile of crap any longer, will you get anything out of that besides feeling miserable, or do you want to work your way out?”  Or, as Charlie Seashore would say, “what would you do if you were an adult?”

 I had to choice to look forward, or to look back.

 And, for me, looking forward starts with a fundamental question, “what am I learning?”

 Next blog:  What AM I Learning, You Ask?


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One comment on “Things Aren’t Going As I Planned: Cry Me a 24-Hour River
  1. Jeanette says:

    Dear Corey,
    Love the authentic openness and show of vulnerability! We all have it…we don’t all make friends with it! Enjoying the lessons and questions raised in your blog! (google…”It’s Not About the Nail” on You Tube. I think you and your husband might have a laugh. After all, It’s Not About the Fence!)

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